Sarah Heller is the world's youngest Master of Wine. As a well-known test for wine industry, she became the third person to be honored this title in Hong Kong at the age of 29. Sarah is also a journalist, writing for the South China Morning Post, Spirito di Vino and #legend magazines. Her videos on Chinese app ShowMuse have 1 million+ views. Sarah regularly judges competitions like the CX HKIWSC and China's Wine100. She won the 2013 Vintners' Cup at the highest score, she is also a SWE CSS and CSW and a VIA Italian Wine Ambassador. 

 Thought for the modern woman, each piece of Maria Conti jewelry is very light and comfortable to wear. Sarah likes to wear different Maria Conti jewelry for different occasions, whether in meetings or interviews, there is always a style that Sarah likes. A happy jewelry experience brings Maria Conti and Sarah together...

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