About Maria Conti

Originally from Saronno near Milano (Italy), Maria studied Chinese language and culture and graduated with the highest marks in her Major, Chinese Modern History, at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari.

At the end of the 1990’s she moved to China. Since, she has worked in the fashion industry and acquired a great experience in the manufacturing of fashion accessories for many famous Italian brands.

In 2013 when she started her first line of jewelry. “Bianca Venere”, she was inspired by the Venus of Botticelli, an important Italian painter of the Renaissance, which was shown for the first time in Hong Kong.

The Venus of Botticelli represents the beauty of a goddess, and at the same time a human woman. This is what Maria sees in every woman: uniqueness, femininity and a timeless and evolving beauty.

In 2018, having acquired more knowledge in the jewelry field, she launched her namesake brand “Maria Conti Jewelry", a more refined collection with a distinct and deep personal touch.

Maria Conti女士最初来自米兰(意大利)附近的萨隆诺,她于威尼斯大学(University of Venice Ca'Foscari)学习汉语和中国文化,以最高分于其专业中国现代史毕业。


在2013,其第一个珠宝品牌Bianca Venere创立于香港,她灵感来自波提且利的金星,意大利文艺复兴时期的画家。


2018年,在其羽翼渐丰,时机成熟之时,Maria Conti女士推出了全新珠宝品牌系列 Maria Conti,这是一个更为精细,同时具备了更为深刻个人风格的品牌。