Every woman has her own uniqueness, femininity and timelessly evolving beauty
— Maria Conti

Maria Conti Jewelry is crafted combining the use of the traditional skills of the goldsmiths together with the new jewels making technologies. Tradition and modernity meet together creating unique pieces.

Maria Conti collection is designed with volume and 3D effect. This complexity makes the jewelry more complete and perfect. When it is possible, her jewels also have a moving structure, following the flexuosity of the body.

Thought for the modern woman, each piece of jewelry is very light and comfortable to wear.

Passion for details. Unique and unforgettable jewelry.

Silver 925. Crafted in Italy.


Maria Conti 珠宝由金匠结合传统(手工)技能和现代珠宝制造技术。传统与现代相融合,创造出独特的作品。

Maria Conti珠宝完美诠释了设计的轮廓感及三维立体感,复杂的意大利工艺臻致地诠释出珠宝的完美。在尽可能的情况下,其珠宝会保留原有的流动性,跟随身体的摆动而呈现制动的效果。